I'll be sharing a variety of recorded hypnosis, guided imagery, and relaxation scripts on this page. Right now (3/31/20) I only have two, but will be adding more later in the week. Feels free to download for your personal use or share with others. Special thanks to Christopher Holt of Rock Road Pictures, my brother from another mother, for making this sound a bit prettier than it would otherwise.

Although hypnosis has many beneficial effects, it is not a substitute for seeking the advice and/or treatment of a licensed medical or mental health provider. These recordings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Only listen to these recordings when you can safely relax or sleep. Do not listen to these recordings when involved in anything that requires your full attention or when driving or operating machinery. These recordings are not regulated by any agency and individuals use them at their own risk.

Be well and wash your hands! 😉

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