EMDR therapy for trauma, anxiety, or just hard to manage bumps in the road.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic technique developed to help treat trauma, anxiety, depression and many other issues. As the name implies, the treatment uses directed eye movement to assist your brain's natural ability to process information and heal from trauma, even something that happened many years ago or that you only partially recall. In most EMDR sessions, I gently guide the client in identifying the event or issue that we will be addressing. As thoughts and feelings emerge, we work together to redirect eye movements as memories surface for a very short time. Accompanying emotions are released as your eye movements are redirected, until they are neutralized and negative feelings and self-beliefs are replaced by positive ones. EMDR helps these experiences abate gradually, until they become less powerful and overwhelming. For some, the symptoms disappear entirely. For others, they decrease to a more manageable level. By reprocessing traumatic events, patients make them less psychologically disruptive and often gain insight into both the originating event and related negative beliefs about themselves.
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